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Industries We Serve

Brite Cleaning Industries serves a wide range of industries, from corporate offices, manufacturing, industrial facilities, retail facilities, aviation offices, airports, medical offices, hospitals, HOA facilities, Local Government, plus more.

Corporate Offices

A quality cleaning facility is essential to having a comfortable workspace. That is why our building maintenance tasks are designed to take care of your office with exceeding expectations.  Everything from dusting the break room to polishing surfaces, disinfecting high-touch areas, floor care and everything in between. Your facility will receive reliable, sustainable building clean maintenance. We also provide affordable solutions, offering supply management to cover all your facility needs.

Manufacturing and Industrial Buildings

Manufacturing & Industrial environments require the utmost safety, free of hazards. Our industrial cleaning teams maintain oper-ational safety practices while cleaning your facility. Our expertise teams are trained and follow all current MSHA/OSHA require-ments. Our personnel will not only provide this specialized cleaning service, we will also communicate with any dangers we see as potential hazards. Safety is our priority!

Annual MSHA And OSHA Training And Certification At all mining sites where we provide services helping create regulations and provide support to ensure that everyone is protected. This includes mandatory miner safety training which falls under 30 cfr: part 46 and part 48.

  • Training to ensure employees safety from work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Four hours of training prior to beginning work on site each quarter.
  • Tools boxes are emailed each week and reviewed during team meetings.

Retail Cleaning

Retail spaces are customer friendly locations that provide a welcoming environment for your most valued guests. Our experienced team of specialty cleaners will move systematically through your high traffic spaces, providing viral decontamination and detailed service cleaning. The cleaning team is trained in maintaining your hard floors and carpet areas so your floors will not only look great but last longer.

Aviation/Airport Terminals

We are experienced in operating within aviation and aerospace spaces with safety and detail. Brite Cleaning Industries expert teams are ready to help bring your facility to maximum efficiency. Productivity, and profitability through proper maintenance is what we always provide.

Medical Offices

Homeless shelters, senior living and more. Skilled and caring cleaning staff play an important role in healthcare cleaning. Brite Cleaning Industries understands the importance of a healthy environment. We understand the importance of the well-being of patients and staff. We implement high standards with personnel to make sure your facility is well cared for, implementing professional cleaning standards in alliance with sterilized protocols.


Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and urgent care are sanctuaries of healing that demand the highest level of cleaning we provide. Contamination control is our priority to ensure a sterile and safe environment. Comprehensive care with the expertise practice is implemented at your healthcare facility. Our technicians are committed to compliance cleaning and disinfection standards with requirements to support all healthcare systems.

HOA Facilities

Community spaces and backend offices create unique tasks cleaning plans for HOA facilities. Our solutions are designed to ensure your interior receiving lounges and exterior amenities are inviting throughout your building. This way, you can cater to the needs of incoming families while also providing consistent and reliable spaces for your team and residents. From the floor to the ceiling and beyond, trust Brite Cleaning Industries.

Automotive Dealerships

A janitorial cleaning service team with professional experience in cleaning car dealerships can support your sales efforts. With pristine showrooms, spotless windows, waiting areas, restrooms, and everything you need, we will create for you and your customers an impressive environment of cleanliness. We are here to support your sales and productivity.

Local Government

Working in government buildings can be challenging due to the extra paperwork, technicalities, and strict budgets. Working with and around operating hours may also need strategic planning. Our cleaning team and office staff are well trained in accommodating unique janitorial schedules for every office space. We are happy to discuss creating a customized cleaning schedule that works around government office hours of operations.

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